Get Compost Worms Breeding

by Tony McCarthy

Compost worms are more active during warmer months. Their appearance and desire for food changes to a noticeable difference. Natural breeding amongst the worms increases when food, warmth, oxygen and moisture are in abundance.


There are a number of things you can do to simulate these conditions during colder temperatures such as gathering elements that in themselves produce heat. e.g.. fresh lawn clippings, fresh cow/horse manure, fresh compost or even heating pads used for seedling pots.


The catch here is to apply any of the above to a portion of the worm farm in order for the worms to retreat from or migrate too. Grass clippings heat to unsustainable high temperatures initially for worms and covering the whole of the farm this way could possibly kill of your stock.


One needs to take into account that microorganisms are the first step in worm food consumption and that these creatures are necessary for the ‘breakdown’ or ‘rot’ to occur before compost worms arrive to clean up.



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