1 to 3 person household worm farm


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1 to 3 person household worm farm


500 compost worms and free delivery

Purchase any worm farm online to receive free delivery and 500 compost worms Melbourne Metro only

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Worm Farms

Our Worm Farms recycle food waste quickly, easily and cleanly.

Supporting all three critical elements i.e. food, moisture and oxygen necessary for micro bacteria to efficiently breakdown food waste.

It solves the problem of oxygen depletion missing in other worm farms. This means that the entire biology of microorganisms and invertebrates carry out decomposition efficiently. The composted organic materials are handled and accessed with ease from within the hook and loop base hammock.

Features and Benefits

An ideal platform to house four window box planters ensures your potted veggies/plants get instant access to nutrient rich organic fertiliser

Stands 1m high providing immediate easy access to finished vermicompost

Clean access to an open 9litre bucket of leachate (worm Juice)

No more handling of mucky waste


The Wormz worm farm comes in 3 sizes and is made from sustainable H4 treated pine, colourbond, galvanised steel and Australian made UV protected Polyurethane. All of which ensure long lasting weather resistant materials.

The Wormz worm farm continuous flow through system means you no longer need to bend down, lift up or disrupt the activity of composting worms. This makes accessing the nutrient rich vermicompost easy. As composting worms convert organic waste on the upper region, resultant compost continues to trickle down into the lightweight durable hammock.

The ‘Passive’ system is designed to release viable vermicompost in to an easy accessible base hammock. This makes harvesting a clean process and does not disrupt worm activity.

Sustains hot summer temperatures like a ‘breeze’ as the name suggests with air passively flowing through. Additional features include mountable window planters positioned to contain precious potted plants. Just one teaspoon of vermicast per planter is enough for two months.

Flat Packed for shipping or Fully Assembled – The Domestic Wormz farm meets the needs of home owners wishing to discard household food waste. *Note – Fully assembled only available for Melbourne metro region. 

Additional information

Weight 26 kg
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 100 cm



Blue, Cream, Green, Metal Grey, Red


Pre Assembled – Melbourne Metro Only


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