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Compost Worms are supplied within a bag of organic compost. The worms are available as pick up. Just order online and I will reply with confirmation of your purchase and pick up details.


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Consisting of mostly red and tiger compost worms are available for pick up or shipped. Our worms are packaged in nutrient rich organic compost ready to populate your worm farm.

Quantity: 500 worms

Micro bacteria reduces organic waste into a form of rot. This enables compost worms to clean up the remains by way of sucking the gooey mess.

These worms live and perform different to earthworms. They are many types that function in large numbers to rid the dead remains of what once once organic.

Housing worms within a worm farm does not end well by simply adding food waste every day. Food, moisture and oxygen as well as full protection from ultra Violet light.

Keeping worms on top of the compost pile within these balanced conditions maximises the ‘Passive‘ breeding process. This means more worms, more food waste reduction, more fertiliser!

The one vital element to consider within a worm farm is Oxygen. Oxygen fuels Microbacteria which function to break down anything that was one organic.

Bacteria bloom in the trillions and generate heat. Without a viable healthy bacteria worms are unable to perform the role of natures means of cleaning up gooey mess.

This gooey mess provides the bacteria within a worms intestine that coats the casting (poo) in 60 micronutrients. It is this casting that symbiotically interact with plant root systems.




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