9 differences -Compost worms and Earthworms

Understand the Differences Between Compost & Earthworms – Wormz

“Understand the Differences Between Compost & Earthworms – Wormz”



Compost Worms vs Earthworms – Differences & Comparison

  • Earthworms burrow deep into the soil to enable water and nutrients (castings) to get to plant root systems. This plays an important role in the microbial health of soils.
  • In addition to deep burrowing these worms also have a greater capacity to thrive in moist soils covered by green crops/grasses.
  • Intense heavy late night rains entices this species to the surface to breed. Experience shows that this occurs at random times.
  • They are not suitable for worm farms. They consume a wide variety of organic materials, including dead plants, leaves, and other vegetation.
  • Earthworms extract nutrients from this organic matter, which they then use to support their own growth and reproduction.
  • Earthworms can also absorb moisture and nutrients directly through their skin.


Compost worms

  • Ideally suited for Worm Farms, compost worms also known as red wrigglers live, breed and eat just on top of and below the surface of the ground in darkness. Being smaller than earthworms, they breed in large numbers and are typically only a few inches in length.
  • Compost worms don’t eat food waste but rather suck up organic matter, such as food waste that has been decomposed by bacteria in the ground or in a worm farm.
  • Being both female and male, they are able to breed in three ways.
    • exude sperm to reach its own female sex organ
    • purposely mate by sliding in between respective clittellum
    • exchange sperm by sliding across each other

Primarily used by homeowners as a means of disposing food waste for environmental reasons or to produce organic fertiliser,  whereas earthworms are important for a variety of ecosystem functions.

The vermicompost produced by compost worms contains many nutrients and can be added to plants in the garden or to pot plants to encourage vigorous plant growth.

There are more than 9 Differences Between Compost Worms and Earthworms. If one is considering farming either to try and replicate their ideal condones as closely as you can to achieve the desired result.

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