Compost Tea

By Tony McCarthy
You can find any number of articles om making Compost Tea. Check out Info Barrel. When using Vermicompost The one thing I would add is to dilute it down to 1:5 of water. Compost tea using vermicast will improve plant growth yield and quality. Applying it over the leaves also assist in the rapid uptake of nutrients whilst providing a natural repellent to species of hungry insects.

Check this abstract on Vermicompost as a soil supplement.

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2 thoughts on “Compost Tea

    • Hi Dave. Yes absolutely! The leaves of the plants uptake the organic nutrients very efficiently. What falls to the ground signals the the plant root systems to do the same. In fact using leachate liberal on a yellowing lemon will see it come to life in a short time.
      If you check my simple ‘How to make compost’ recipes in this article you will get even more results placing compost around the base of your plants. http://wormz.com.au/vermicompost/

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